Argentina officially applies to become a NATO “global partner”

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Indonesia’s economy in 2023 is one of the best in the world

Bank Indonesia (BI) said the economic performance in 2023 was one of the best in the world. The strong performance… Read More »

Singapore and China, visa free 30 days for each other

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France wants to cement its lead in aerospace

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GAC:Optimize and adjust temporary export control measures for graphite items

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Japan asks Google to change Diaoyu Islands map names to Japanese

Japan’s Foreign Ministry has asked Google to change the name of the Diaoyu Islands to Japanese, which Japan regards as… Read More »

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics will be won by Claudia Goldin

The winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics has been announced. Harvard economist Claudia Goldin received the award for… Read More »

Vietnam economic performance will be poor in 2023

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Apple and Google face huge fines from South Korea

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The USA adds 42 Chinese companies to the embargo list

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