US First Lady Jill Biden makes surprise visit to Ukraine

Jill Biden Unannounced Itinerary Unannounced US First Lady Jill Biden visited Uzhgorod, Ukraine without advance notice, according to the US… More »

Alibaba launches “Logistics Service Month”

It was reported on May 7 that Alibaba launched the “Logistics Service Month” in May, and launched five major logistics… More »

Some flights between Guangzhou and Japan were cancelled

Guangzhou airport related personnel were found to be infected with the new crown virus in late April, flights were cancelled… More »

Hangzhou Asian Games to be postponed

The Director General of the Olympic Council of Asia announced on the 6th that the 19th Asian Games, originally scheduled… More »

Chinese power giant distributes Ramadan Ration Hampers to over 700 deserving families in Pak

by Liu Qiyu More than 700 deserving families of local communities adjacent to Pakistan’s Thar Block-1 Integrated Coal Mine Power… More »

Nearly 200 million people around the world face severe food crisis

Global Food Crisis Report The just-released annual report of the Global Network Against Food Crises , an organization of the… More »

World’s First Inactivated Vaccine Against Omicron Launched in Hangzhou, China

According to, the clinical study of the inactivated Omicron variant neo-coronavirus vaccine, developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological… More »

Russia withdraws from World Tourism Organization

International Business News   – According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization social networking site on the 27th, Russia has announced… More »

The Diplomat: India is turning from Russia to the West

International Business News – The Diplomat published an article on April 23, saying that India is subtly shifting from Russia… More »

Italy with its rich cultural treasures

Italy is passion and style, heritage and diversity, innovation and creativity. But there’s so much more to it. It is… More »