TikTok will provide AR ads for brands

Recently, AR filter management platform Camera IQ announced a partnership with TikTok. This marks that in the future, brand owners will be able to create AR special effects advertisements on the TikTok platform and push them to potential consumers without coding.

Constantly increasing Effect House and AR ads

In fact, a month ago, TikTok had announced the launch of the TikTok AR special effect tool. At that time, the official announced the launch of a beta version of the AR filter platform “Effect House” for creators and developers. According to media reports, after the AR effects were released among the 450 creators who first adopted Effect House, 1.5 billion videos using special effects were quickly accumulated on the TikTok platform and attracted more than 600 billion views.

Today, in addition to announcing a strong alliance with Camera IQ, TikTok also recently announced that it will cooperate with brand owners such as Estee Lauder’s cosmetics brand Smashbox to create branded AR content. Among them, Camera IQ can provide technical support for the Effect House platform, “allowing brands to create AR special effects without writing computer code.” And the “first crab-eater” brand owners such as Smashbox can use the amount of interaction, pageviews, etc. Real data confirms the strength of TikTok AR advertising.

According to foreign media reports, Camera IQ CEO Allison Ferenci said: “This cooperation is just the beginning of TikTok’s AR process. For brand owners, the current AR special effects tools are still in their early stages, but their development potential is unlimited.”

To the outside world, the successive signals released by TikTok mean that its layout in the field of AR advertising is still increasing and becoming mature.

TikTok’s advertising landscape

The TikTok AR filter, which is still in beta, is already so popular, coupled with the pool of Gen Z consumers on TikTok. It is conceivable that once the TikTok AR special effects are opened to brands, it is bound to create unimaginable benefits and influence.

Previously, we have seen that the Snapchat AR platform helps brand owners quickly open up the young consumer market, and it is very popular in specific tracks and markets. TikTok has continued to move after the launch of Effect House, which also shows that its short video marketing, live broadcast marketing and other advertising businesses are in full swing, and it is still expanding new possibilities and expanding its advertising product territory.

Of course, as Ferenci said, the main application of AR filters and AR marketing by brands is still a new thing.

In the future, after cooperating with Camera IQ, how TikTok will serve brand owners, and what AR advertising products and AR marketing business models will be provided to the industry is still unknown and deserves long-term attention.