Hangzhou serves traditional Spring Festival food for overseas Chinese

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Traditional noodle making craft achieves more than making a living

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HAGOC sends out couplets to welcome the Year of Asian Games

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Hangzhou rolls out three measures to stabilize enterprise employment

As the Spring Festival is drawing near, many Hangzhou-based enterprises charter couches to transfer employees going to and from Zhejiang Province… Read More »

Multiple transport projects of Hangzhou appraised

Recently, 24 fast roads (sections) and 38 metro lines (sections) of Hangzhou have been selected as Model Roads in 2022… Read More »

Hangzhou’s highest building completes foundation work

The “Golden Key” complex in the north Yuncheng District in West Hangzhou has completed concrete pouring of the large baseplate… Read More »

National rare bird shows up in the West Lake

Chinese Merganser shows up in the West Lake for the first time Chinese Merganser Recently, a black-head duck with cool… Read More »

Hangzhou builds a new development center

Located in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Jiangnan Sci-tech Center is the newly-built development center in Hangzhou and is… Read More »

Hangzhou Airport provides special services for medical workers

Medical workers have been fighters in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic to protect people’s health and have been admired and… Read More »

Hangzhou seeks to cooperate with Alibaba

Hangzhou Municipal Government and Alibaba Group signed an agreement on deepened strategic cooperation across the board yesterday. The first strategic… Read More »