Police in China, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos launch crackdown on gambling fraud


The Ministry of Public Security of China, the General Administration of Police of Thailand, the Headquarters of the Police of Myanmar and the Ministry of Public Security of Laos jointly held a launching meeting in Chiang Mai, Thailand, to jointly combat gambling and related crimes such as human trafficking, kidnapping and illegal detention in the region.

All parties decided to jointly establish a comprehensive coordination center for special operations in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and set up joint action points in areas where gambling is rampant, so as to severely crack down on telecommunications network fraud and online gambling crimes in the region with closer cooperation, more proactive offensive and more professional actions, and resolutely reverse the high incidence of human trafficking, kidnapping and detention.

All parties said that they will use concrete actions to issue stern warnings to those gambling criminal groups that still do not stop, and show the firm determination of the police of China, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos to cooperate and crack down on gambling fraud.

The Chinese suffer in a scam park in northern Myanmar.