Indonesia’s Foreign minister called on BRICS countries to fight for the right to development

International Business News  –  Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi called on BRICS countries to strengthen multilateralism and fight for each country’s right to development. According to local portal Kompas, the Indonesian minister took part in an online discussion with his counterparts from the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Marsudi stressed: “At a time when cooperation is needed to recover from COVID-19, the world is increasingly divided into warring blocs. A world order based on outdated rules has lost its meaning and now each country is pursuing its own national interests… If this trend continues, developing countries will suffer the most. We all have a responsibility to correct this unhealthy world order. The BRICS countries have the potential to be a positive force in achieving this goal.”

She also called on Russia, China and India to be “catalysts” in the fight for the right to development of every country, including poor and developing countries.” Indonesia’s foreign minister called on BRICS countries to stick to development and alleviate economic injustices “still felt by many countries.”

Marsudi asked the BRICS countries to encourage more multilateral cooperation. She is also a strong advocate of consolidating and reforming global governance. The Indonesian foreign minister said: “These reforms should take into account the voices and interests of developing countries. The BRICS can be a catalyst for these reforms.”