EU has officially launched the European Single patent system

International Business News  –  On June 1, local time, the European Union officially launched the European Single patent system system. The single patent system refers to a one-stop shop for patent registration and enforcement in Europe, in order to reduce costs and administrative burdens for innovators, especially smes. It allows companies and other innovators to obtain a single “uniform” patent for their inventions, valid in all EU member states.

Previously, companies and individuals seeking to protect an invention were required to file an application at the European Patent Office, and once granted, the patent was divided into a series of national patents that had to be validated in each member state, leading to high translation costs and maintenance. Under the single European patent system, applications would still have to be submitted to the European Patent Office, but unitary patents could be granted.

The single European patent system will come into effect immediately in the 17 EU member states, including Belgium, that have ratified it.