Kazakhstan’s nuclear power plant construction to be monitored by international community

International Business News – The construction of nuclear power plants in Kazakhstan will be monitored by the international community, said the Deputy Director of the Department of Nuclear Energy and Industry of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.

She noted at the round table on the environmental impact of nuclear power plants held at the Eurasian National University that according to the power balance forecast, Kazakhstan needs to build two nuclear power plants, which can have a total installed capacity of 2.8 GW. Kazakhstan will also study the use of small modular reactors to consider the possibility of future development of nuclear energy.

She said that the construction of nuclear power plants raises national concerns about environmental issues and therefore the construction of nuclear power plants must be carried out under the supervision of the international community. Kazakhstan is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency and will request a delegation from the agency to visit Kazakhstan to assess readiness and ensure the safety of nuclear power plants.