Shandong to build world-class port cluster

Shandong is determined to build a world-class port cluster of Shandong Peninsula in 2023, according to the two sessions of Shandong. At the same time, the province is resolved to complete the construction of automated container terminal phase III of Qianwan Port Area of Qingdao Port and the construction of 300,000-ton crude oil terminal phase II of West Port Area of Yantai Port, and vigorously expand the port overseas routes.

In 2022, Shandong’s coastal port throughput ranked first in China, its import and export volume exceeded 3 trillion yuan, and its actual utilization of foreign investment nearly doubled, said Zhou Naixiang, governor of Shandong Province, when delivering the government work report.

Shandong’s coastal port throughput ranked second in China in 2021, and reached 1.75 billion tons in 2022, ranking first in China. Meanwhile, the volume of containers exceeded 37 million TEUs last year, ranking third in the world.

Ports are known as “barometers” of the economy. Shandong is a large province of economy and foreign trade in China. The jump in the ranking of coastal port throughput shows the active trade of Shandong ports, as well as the vitality and resilience of Shandong economy.