China issues a small number of visas for Japanese in special cases


International Business News – The Nihon Keizai Shimbun has learned that the Chinese government has issued visas to some Japanese people to come to China. The news was revealed by a number of sources related to China and Japan. However, it seems that only a small number of visas have been issued. It is impossible to predict when the issuance can be fully resumed, and if it is stopped for a long time, it will inevitably have an impact on Japanese companies.

The director general of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s consular department said at a press conference on the 13th that China has made proper arrangements for the countries concerned to come to China for diplomatic, official or urgent business reasons. It is implied that visas are granted to Japanese people for exceptional cases. And there have been instances where visas have been granted for humanitarian reasons such as meeting with sick relatives. The Chinese government has not announced the criteria for granting visas.

After Dec. 30 last year, Japan required people entering from China to be tested due to the new crown epidemic prevention considerations. The Chinese government’s suspension of visa issuance to Japanese is seen as a countermeasure to this.