Hangzhou Airport provides special services for medical workers


Medical workers have been fighters in the battle against COVID-19 pandemic to protect people’s health and have been admired and respected by the society for their devotion. To pay homage to their benevolence, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport opens priority passage for medical workers to ensure their smooth, convenient and efficient trips during the Spring Festival rush.

According to the relevant person in charge of the airport, medical workers may enjoy priority services in check-in, radiographic testing and boarding, which will save around 20-30 minutes for going through the procedures. Also, No. 6 ticket counter at the bus terminal of the Airport Transport Center sets up special window to offer priority service for medical workers.

Hangzhou shows solicitude for out-of-province employees staying put during the Spring Festival

Hangzhou launched electronic coupons for out-of-province employees who will stay in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival of 2023 on January 10.

It is reported that out-of-province employees who have covered social insurance in Hangzhou and meet other conditions may apply for twelve 50-yuan coupons for any purchase of 100 yuan or more during the Spring Festival (January 21-27, 2023).

The bonus shows the government’s humanistic care for employees from outside Zhejiang Province who work in Hangzhou as well as Hangzhou’s determination to rejuvenate economy by stimulating consumption after lift of restrictions on pandemic response.