European countries renew their focus on nuclear power

International Business News – The energy crisis triggered by the crisis in Ukraine has led European countries to pay renewed attention to nuclear power, Echo reported on Dec. 21.

At the beginning of December this year, French Minister of Economy and Finance Le Maire restarted a nuclear power plant in the company of the president of EDF. Le expressed the conviction that European industrial countries will one day return to nuclear energy. It is no coincidence that the Netherlands and Sweden have announced new nuclear power plant construction projects, marking a profound reversal of their energy policies. Germany and Belgium have temporarily postponed the date of shutting down their nuclear power plants, which is symbolic at the political level, especially for Germany, which has put the withdrawal of nuclear energy at the heart of its energy policy, a move worth noting.

The report also notes that Europe has a long way to go to “re-nuclearize” itself, especially in the context of the Ukraine crisis, which is exacerbating the “break” between the two nuclear powers, Europe and China and Russia. Of the 31 reactors launched in Europe since 2017, 27 were designed by China or Russia. The director general of the International Energy Agency recently said that the resurgence of nuclear power in Europe in the context of the current energy crisis depends on the ability of member governments and the nuclear industry to mobilize investment and to deal with successive delays and budget overruns. Europe has lost its leadership position in the nuclear power sector.