Cross-border e-commerce clothing brand “Shein” attracts young customers with low prices

International Business News – SHEIN, a Chinese cross-border e-commerce clothing brand, is taking the fashion market by storm. It is gaining popularity among young people due to the abundant fashion products available through smartphones at an overwhelming low price. Since October, the brand has launched physical stores in Osaka and Tokyo, offering access to its products in an effort to further attract customers.

The store, which opened in October in Shinsaibashi, a downtown area of Osaka, features about 800 items of clothing, accessories and cosmetics. The store does not have a cashier’s desk, and consumers place orders by reading QR codes on price tags, and the products are delivered to their homes a few days later.

The store is located in the old Uniqlo store site and is open for a limited time until January next year, but it is so popular that people have been lining up for many days before the store opens. A company employee from Kobe City said that it is attractive to be able to shop at low prices that are unmatched by other brands.

SHEIN’s parent company was founded in China in 2008 and is now headquartered in Singapore. Since 2012, it has been selling clothes online, and has gained popularity among young people born after 1995, known as Generation Z in the United States.

The company entered the Japanese Internet in 2020 and gained popularity through social networking sites. As of October 1 this year, the brand’s domestic APP has been downloaded 12 million times. In November, the world’s first permanent store opened in Harajuku, Tokyo.