Capital layout of the TikTok industry chain: the opportunity to emerge as a “global brand”

The climax of TikTok has also aroused the expectations of investors.

Ma He, vice president of Huaying Capital, said that Tik Tok has achieved a daily life of 1/3 of the local population in many overseas markets, and the capital has recognized Tik Tok’s operational capabilities and business development capabilities.

Therefore, many investment institutions refer to the development trajectory of the domestic Douyin ecosystem, trying to deploy companies with high growth opportunities in the TikTok industry chain.

Returning to the status quo of merchants bringing goods to TikTok Indonesia, most merchants are basically from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc., because the dividends first came to occupy a wave of highlands, and they have advantages in supply chain and cost performance, but their ideas stay more In “selling goods”, we still think too little about brand power.

And following Tik Tok to the sea, the brand has the opportunity to grow into a global big brand. For capital, the team is required to understand not only sales in overseas markets, but also how to build a consumer goods brand. In short, not only look at the growth of GMV, but also pay attention to the brand repurchase rate.

Most of the teams who are overseas DTC brands have a good understanding of the market situation because they entered the overseas market early, but the other side of the coin is that traditional channels such as Amazon and lazada are still the main battlefield, and TikTok is still in supplementary channels, but new traffic platforms have The new content logic requires a new set of methodology, which is the biggest constraint for them.

Of course, there are also many who have received high-value financing. For example, the Y.O.U mentioned above, just announced the completion of RMB 250 million in Series C financing in February this year. Up to now, the total financing amount has reached 70 million US dollars.

In January of this year, MAKUKU, a new retail brand of new mother and baby home furnishing, announced that it had obtained financing of up to 30 million US dollars, and the funds will be used to develop markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Ma He concluded that TikTok’s live broadcast delivery is not mature at present, and market education is still needed, but it also provides a time window for brand growth. Once the market matures, it will be a huge advantage.

According to TikTok’s official news, in April this year, TIkTok will usher in four new countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. These emerging markets will also bring new opportunities to companies in all links of the industry chain.