Fuel shortages at French gas stations continue to be a problem

International Business News – As of the morning of Oct. 17, about 30% of gas stations across France were still short of at least one type of fuel, according to French media reports. Last week the French government issued an expropriation order requiring ExxonMobil and Total to return to work as part of the striking workers. ExxonMobil has reached an agreement with the union. Total unilaterally announced a special bonus to employees in various countries around the world, amounting to about one month’s salary, and reached a compromise with several French unions, but the French General Union (CGT) still insists on continuing negotiations.

The minister in charge of transport affairs, Bonnard, said that the fuel supply situation will not return to normal until at least next week. In addition, the French national railroad company (SNCF) and some lines of the Paris bus company (RATP) will participate in an inter-industrial strike on the 18th, which is expected to have a serious impact on the operation of public transportation.

A recent poll conducted by Le Figaro newspaper shows that 70% of respondents face difficulties in their daily travel due to fuel shortage, 65% agree with the expropriation order issued by the government, 55% agree with the use of police force to lift the blockade of oil depots by the strikers, and 54% consider the strikers’ demand for a 10% pay rise reasonable.