Southern European countries promote “warm tourism”

International Business News – According to the Greek “Greek Times” reported on the 15th, in the winter is approaching, inflation is also high, the people in the higher latitude European countries began to worry about the winter heating and electricity costs. And at this time, the southern European tourism countries hope to seize this opportunity to promote the concept of tourism for winter to the people of these countries.

Destinations including Greece, southern Spain and the Canary Islands are promoting their “warm tourism” programs, according to the report, while saying that this is also a new trend – Britons can fly to cheaper, warmer places to escape the cold and high cost of living in winter. The high cost of living.

Greek Tourism Minister Kikilias said, “Our doors will be open all year round to our friends from northern Europe, and we welcome you to spend the winter here.”

As the energy crisis continues, bills have reportedly become a source of stress for many Britons. This winter, households could pay twice as much for electricity and gas as they did in March.

Travel agency TravelTime World launched a campaign in September called “The Heat is On,” in which the idea of “warm travel” emerged, encouraging travelers to take an extended break this winter instead of bearing the high cost of living in the U.K. Instead of bearing the high cost of living in the U.K., the campaign encourages travelers to take an extended break this winter instead.