Emergency at Nord Stream-2 pipeline

International Business News – The company Nord Stream 2 told Sputnik that an emergency accident on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline occurred in the waters off the Danish island of Bornholm, RIA Novosti reported on September 26.

The source said that the emergency was identified in cooperation with the Coastal Service in the southeastern part of the Danish exclusive economic zone of Bornholm Island. The Coastal Service took safety measures and established a buffer zone with a radius of five nautical miles.

The company said earlier on the 26th that the pressure on line A of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline had dropped sharply. The news also said that the German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Russian onshore authorities were immediately notified and are investigating.

The Danish Maritime Authority also issued a news release on the 26th that there was a natural gas leak near Bornholm Island and that the accident may pose a danger to shipping. The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline passes through the southeastern part of Bornholm.

According to RIA Novosti in Moscow, the Nord Stream gas pipeline company reported that the pressure in both Nord Stream pipelines has dropped and the cause is under investigation.