Kazakhstan to issue investment visas for foreign investors


International Business News – National Economy Minister Albek Kuantrov said at a regular government work meeting held on the 6th that Kazakhstan will issue investment visas to foreign investors.

“The concept of immigration policy and the Law on Migration of Population will be amended to provide investment visas for foreign investors investing more than $300,000 in Kazakhstan’s economy at one time,” he said.

In addition, the minister stated that in the future at least 7% of the net profit of the state fund “Samruk-Kazena” will be transferred to the public social fund “For the Kazakh people”.

The Public Social Fund of Kazakhstan “For the People of Kazakhstan” was established on the proposal of the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev. The foundation’s tasks include providing state support in the fields of culture and sports, providing charitable assistance to the people of Kazakhstan in the fields of health care, education and social support, and promoting the development of infrastructure and barrier-free facilities. In addition, the Foundation will undertake to provide material and financial assistance, support and other charitable assistance to the families of law enforcement officers, special forces, and military personnel who have died during missions aimed at safeguarding the territorial integrity and security of the Republic of Kazakhstan.