Kazakhstan has harvested 7.5 million tons of wheat


International Business News  –  Kazakhstan agricultural network news, Kazakhstan has completed the harvest of 6.1 million hectares of wheat and bean crops, 38% ahead of schedule, 7.5 million tons of threshed wheat, and the current average output is 12.3 quintals.

This year’s wheat production is higher than last year, not only because of good weather conditions, but also thanks to a series of agro-technical measures taken in time during planting, as well as good phytosanitary conditions during plant growth.

Wheat production is expected to be sufficient to supply the domestic market, with some wheat for export. Taking into account the favorable outlook, on August 31, Kazakhstan’s inter-departmental joint committee on foreign trade policy and participation in international economic organizations decided to lift restrictions on wheat and flour exports from September 10.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, 423,500 tons of preferential diesel oil have been distributed to farmers in order to carry out the harvest in time. Harvesting is continuously overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture, which has an operational headquarters to resolve issues as they arise.