Internet speed in Kazakhstan ranks 96th in the world

International Business News  –  On August 5, the “Towards Digital Kazakhstan” International Forum was held in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. The guests exchanged opinions, information, plans and visions on the international situation in the fields of information resources, infrastructure development, and cyber security. Askhat Orazbek, Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan, introduced the situation in this field in Kazakhstan, as well as the upcoming plans for broadband Internet access.

Currently, the coverage of broadband access in Kazakhstan (4,929 settlements) is 99% and traffic is -841PB (461PBt in 2019). Broadband service in the remaining villages covers 1,673 settlements.

Natalya Mochu, CIS Regional Director of the International Union for Ecological Communication, said Kazakhstan is approaching or has achieved several goals related to universal access and 100% population coverage. As far as the age category of Internet consumers in Kazakhstan is concerned, the numbers are quite high, mainly young people aged 15-24, with room for older people to grow. The most developed area in Kazakhstan is the cybersecurity index, and other indices have potential for growth, especially in terms of digital inclusion and infrastructure.

Survey data shows that in March this year, the internet speed of most users in Kazakhstan was not satisfactory. Experts point out that internet speeds are often less than 10Mbps, and that’s still a work in progress. The survey found that the main source of respondents’ internet access was their smartphones. The main reasons for not accessing broadband services are: 14% of respondents use mobile phone networks at home, 20% of respondents live in areas without broadband services, 11% have unstable network connections, and service costs are too high -8%, 4% of respondents do not use the internet.

According to independent experts, Kazakhstan’s average broadband internet speed ranks 96th in the world, well below the global average, but also well below Moldova, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In addition, broadband operators are not working effectively enough to monitor service quality, even for the most basic online activities, such as checking email, news, etc. Internet levels are insufficient. In addition, the market is highly monopolized, resulting in a lack of competition, market growth and a general decline in service quality, all of which are obstacles to broadband development in Kazakhstan.