Kazakhstan’s passport index slips to 73rd


International Business News  –  Recently, Henley & Partners, a global residency and citizenship planning consulting company, released the Global Passport Index Report for the third quarter of 2022. The Kazakhstan Passport Index ranking fell from the previous 69th place to 73rd. No visa-free travel agreement was signed during the reporting period, allowing Kazakhstan passport holders to travel to 76 countries worldwide without a visa or visa on arrival.

Referring to the exclusive data of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and analyzed by the Hengli research team, the passport index shows that Japan ranks first with 193 visa-free countries, followed by Singapore and South Korea with 192 visa-free countries. EU member states dominate the top 10, with Germany and Spain joint third, with access to 190 countries without a visa. Finland, Italy, and Luxembourg are joint fourth, with access to 189 countries around the world without a visa. Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden passport holders can enter 188 countries without visas, ranking fifth.

The United States, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand and Belgium tied for seventh place with visa-free access to 186 countries. Canada is tied for eighth place with Australia, the Czech Republic, Greece and Malta, ahead of Hungary (183 visa-free countries) in ninth place.

The Russian visa ranks 50th and provides visa-free travel to 119 countries around the world. China came in 69th with visa-free access to 80 countries, Indian passports came in 87th, and Afghanistan remained last, with its citizens having visa-free access to 27 countries in the world.

Despite the unprecedented number of visa-free opportunities for these passport holders in the 17-year history of the index, international traveler demand in the Asia-Pacific region has reached only 17 percent of pre-epidemic levels (below 10 percent during the epidemic), according to the latest IATA statistics. This figure lags behind global trends – Europe and North America have recovered to around 60% of their pre-epidemic levels.

IATA Chief Economist Marie Owens Thomsen said passenger traffic should reach 83 percent of pre-pandemic levels by 2022. 2023-2024 should see passenger traffic meet or exceed pre-pandemic levels in many markets.

Kazakhstan’s passport slipped from 69th to 73rd place in the Henley & Partners Passport Index ranking due to changes in the rankings of other countries. During the reporting period, Kazakhstan did not have a visa-free travel agreement. Kazakhstan passport holders can travel to 76 countries/territories around the world without a visa or visa-on-arrival.