TikTok’s French social network advertising revenue grows rapidly

International Business News  –  According to a report by Le Figaro on July 12, the French social network advertising field is being reshuffled. In the first half of this year, TikTok from China achieved rapid growth in advertising revenue with its fast-growing young user group, reaching 1.2 billion euros, a substantial increase from 960 million euros in the same period last year, accounting for 2/3 of France’s social advertising revenue increase. On the contrary, Meta’s ad revenue has stagnated, and its short-video platform Reels has not performed well.

Meanwhile, Google and Amazon remain leaders in online advertising revenue. Non-European companies account for 80% of France’s online advertising market share and 95% of incremental growth. The online advertising market is expected to grow by 14% this year to 8.8 billion euros.