Ukraine’s Attorney General and Security Service chief dismissed

International Business News  –  According to the website of the President of Ukraine on the 17th, the President of Ukraine Zelensky signed a decree on the same day to remove Irina Venetiktova from the post of Prosecutor General and Ivan Bakanov from the post of head of the National Security Service.

According to the decree, Zelensky appointed Deputy Prosecutor General Alexei Simonenko as Prosecutor General.

On the evening of 17, Zelensky said in a video message on the president’s website that he would evaluate “specific actions and any inaction” of every staff member of the security services and law enforcement agencies. He said that the investigation of law enforcement agencies in Ukraine has begun to bear fruit and will continue.

Ukraine’s state news agency, citing the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), reported on 17 March that the NBI and the National Security Service (NSS) had joined forces in a special operation to arrest an NSS employee working for Russian intelligence, who was head of the local security service until March of this year.