The 3rd Global Mini/Micro LED Display Technology Week was held in Shenzhen


International Business News  –  A few days ago, the “2022 3rd Global Mini/Micro LED Display Technology Week” was held in Shenzhen under the guidance of the Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Branch of China Electronic Video Industry Association and hosted by SciLinks Group. Focusing on the theme of “Business Innovation in the Era of Large Display”, the event focused on macro policies, large display market and technology strategy, Mini LED backlight application, Mini LED backlight matching and image quality improvement, Micro LED small and medium size applications, Micro LED large size Eight aspects, including application, Micro LED technology, and Micro LED materials and devices, fully demonstrated the latest achievements in the industry.

Peng Jianfeng, executive secretary of the China Electronic Video Industry Association, said that the new display is a pillar industry of my country’s electronics manufacturing industry. The current scale has reached 6 trillion yuan, and domestic LCD panels have accounted for 55% of the world’s total. In display technology, Micro LED is a technology with the smallest difference between China and advanced countries, and it has the conditions to achieve overtaking in corners.

Focusing on the market prospects of the industry, Yu Ningning, Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Mini/Micro LED Display Industry Branch of China Electronic Video Industry Association, analyzed that in the Mini LED backlight market, medium-sized IT applications are the largest application market for Mini LED backlights, but Apple The proportion of the company is too high, and the non-Apple camp can prioritize subdivisions such as e-sports and monitor; TV will become the largest single market for Mini LED backlight, and it can drive technology improvement and supply chain cost through economies of scale to feed others. Application market; vehicle Mini LED mass-produced models will be shipped on a large scale in 2023, becoming the third pole of Mini LED backlight product development. In the Micro LED market, the large-scale mass production technology and process are not yet mature, and the short-term market is dominated by large-scale giant screens. In the future, the future development of Metaverse and AR will have the opportunity to drive the rapid growth of Micro LED.

Wang Daiqing, deputy general manager of the R&D center of TCL Electronics Holdings Limited, said that the improvement of picture quality technology is a necessary condition for the high-end of the brand, and is also the unwavering development direction of display technology, of which brightness, contrast and color gamut are decisive factors in evaluating the high and low picture quality. Mini LED has high contrast, high color gamut, high brightness, high resolution and other advantages, Mini LED backlight technology can significantly improve the picture quality of LCD, to cope with the impact of OLED and QD-OLED on China’s display industry, Mini LED technology is currently recognized by the mainstream market. China has formed a complete industry chain of Mini LED backlight, Mini LED technology can support the high-end of state-owned brands and promote the healthy development of China’s display industry.