NATO Allies Sign Protocol on Accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO Alliance

International Business News  –  Representatives of 30 NATO member states signed the protocol on the accession of Finland and Sweden to the treaty on the 5th, officially launching the process of NATO’s northern expansion that brings new challenges to European security.

Representatives of NATO member states held a signing ceremony at the NATO headquarters in Brussels that day. Finnish Foreign Minister Haavisto and Swedish Foreign Minister Linde attended the signing ceremony, and then attended a press conference together with NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg.

Finland and Sweden originally pursued a military non-alignment policy, but formally applied to join NATO in May this year. According to the regulations, NATO must “unanimously agree” on the premise of 30 member states to admit new members.

On June 28, Turkey signed a memorandum with Finland and Sweden,confirm agreement their to join NATO, removing obstacles for Finland and Switzerland to join the treaty. At the same time, Finland and Switzerland will not support the PKK, the Syrian Kurdish armed “People’s Protection Units” and the “Gulen Movement”, and agreed to lift restrictions on the export of defense equipment to Turkey.

Finland and Sweden were formally invited to join NATO at the NATO summit in Madrid on June 29 and 30. According to the protocol, after the 30 NATO member states have signed the protocol of accession to Finland and Sweden, the next step is to ratify the protocol by all member states’ parliaments.

The five eastward expansions of NATO after the Cold War not only failed to make Europe safer, but also sowed the seeds of conflict. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Glushko said a few days ago that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia will take appropriate measures to ensure security.