Zoomlion Skid Steer Loaders in America

Recently, dozens of skid steer loaders were loaded on the car and slowly drove out from Zoomlion Intelligent Industrial City. This shipment is the first batch of 100 orders from customers in America, which fully verifies the hotness of skid steer loaders, the “Hundred Varieties King” built by Zoomlion.

Skid steer loader is also called multifunctional construction vehicle, because it can carry more than 200 kinds of functional attachments such as crushing hammer, sweeper, milling planer, grapple, fork, etc. It is called the “King of Variety” in construction machinery, and can be widely used in infrastructure construction, municipal garden construction, construction demolition, port terminal loading and unloading, etc. Due to its compact size, it can meet almost all small construction needs, and has obvious advantages in indoor, high buildings, tunnels and other narrow spaces and special working conditions.

According to the introduction, the skid steer loader delivered this time is the ZS080V model, which is the first skid steer loader of Zoomlion. Compared with similar products, this model features more efficient work, more reasonable design, safer operation and more comfortable driving, for example, the vertical lifting work device increases the loading capacity by more than 10% compared with the circular lifting work device, the modular design can carry more than 200 kinds of functional attachments to achieve a variety of operations, the “willow leaf” bionic design makes The “willow leaf” bionic design makes the driver’s view better, and the panoramic glass windows on both sides make the driver’s view less blind. In addition, the appearance of the product is mainly curved, and the image of the product is flexible and transparent, which makes the user comfortable and the viewer happy.

In addition to excellent products, timely and efficient services are indispensable to stand firm and achieve a certain status in the global market. In recent years, in accordance with the internationalization principle of “be the main, deep and thorough”, Zoomlion has taken a step forward in global resource allocation and established a global market pattern of “two horizontals and two columns” across the Eurasian continent and emerging markets, and across the North and South American continents and Africa. Our products and services have covered more than 130 countries and regions, and we have the ability to respond quickly and allocate resources in a timely manner around the world.

With the strong product and service guarantee, Zoomlion’s first skid steer loader was launched to the market. Zheng Zhe, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Earthmoving Machinery Branch and general manager of overseas marketing company, said that the skid steer loaders have achieved batch sales in Russia, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other regions one after another, and the market response is positive and customers have praised them.

In the future, Zoomlion skid steer loaders will win the trust of global customers by virtue of their excellent performance, long-lasting and stable performance, and the company’s global service guarantee system, which will help global customers create value and further develop the company.