World Health Network (WHN) declares monkeypox a pandemic

The World Health Network (WHN) has declared a monkeypox outbreak a pandemic that has spread to 58 countries. This is described in a press release on the WHN website.

According to WHN, 3,417 cases of monkeypox have been recorded in 58 countries worldwide, and experts note that the outbreak is spreading rapidly across several continents and will not stop without global action.

Without concerted global action, the epidemic will not end . Even though its death rate is much lower than that of smallpox, millions of people will die and many more will go blind and disabled if nothing is done to stop its continued spread,” the release said.

The release emphasizes that if measures are taken in advance, the outbreak can be contained with minimal effort and malignant consequences can be prevented. The World Health Network recommends initiating notification of symptoms to the public, expanding testing, and tracking contacts of confirmed cases.

The World Health Network (WHN) is a group of organizations of citizens and experts dedicated to taking global action to protect public health, according to the website of the medical journal The Lancet.

For its part, the World Health Organization told the satellite news agency that the statement was unrelated to the WHO.

The WHO release said.

“This is not a statement from the World Health Organization. It was an organization called World Health Network that issued the above statement, but it has no connection with the WHO.”