Vienna returns to the top of the list of the most liveable cities in the world!

The most liveable city in the world – Vienna!

The British “Economist” group released the global livability index report on Thursday. Vienna, the capital of Austria, returned to the top for the first time since the epidemic, and was named this year’s “world’s most livable city”!

Affected by the epidemic last year, Vienna’s ranking fell to 12th. With the lifting of comprehensive epidemic prevention measures, the quality of life in Vienna, the capital of Austria, has picked up again! Next on the list are: Copenhagen, Zurich, Calgary, Vancouver and Geneva, Frankfurt, Toronto, Amsterdam, and Osaka and Melbourne.

Every year, The Economist magazine compares 140 cities and ranks them as liveable. In 2018, Vienna became the first European city to top the list of liveable cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Survey. The rankings assess a city’s health, education, culture and infrastructure, as well as social security, political stability and crime rates.


Vienna is located on the banks of the Danube River. It is the capital and largest city of Austria and the main cultural center in Europe. It is known as the “Music Capital of the World”, and its downtown area is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace has been selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Stephen’s Cathedral in the city center is the symbol of Vienna.

The Musikverein is the oldest and most modern concert hall in Vienna and the official venue for the “Vienna New Year’s Concert” on January 1st every year.

From the famous “national dish” Wiener schnitzel and Vienna sausages to authentic sacher cakes, as well as the famous apple strudel and the world’s intangible cultural heritage of Viennese coffee culture, Vienna is a city where the tongue and the taste buds can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

The city has a rich cultural heritage and is blessed with a natural location by the mountains and the water. In the Global Assessment of Sustainable Economic Development 2020 and the Citizens’ Well-Being Assessment, Austria ranks fifth out of 141 countries in the world with a high “happiness index”.

Recently, the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) released its first post-epidemic report on international conference statistics for 2021, and Vienna was ranked number one in the world overall!

The concept of sustainability and environmental awareness, digitalization and social security systems may make Austria “happier” and Vienna more livable in the post-epidemic period.