Nach Asien importierte Affenpockenfälle


Singapore’s Ministry of Health said on June 21 that the first imported case of monkeypox was detected in Singapore. The confirmed case is a 42-year-old British man who is a flight attendant and is currently being treated at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases in Singapore. The Ministry of Health has traced 13 close contacts, who will be quarantined for 21 days.

The confirmed flight attendant stayed in Singapore from June 15 to 17, entered Singapore on the 19th, and was diagnosed with monkeypox on the 20th, and is currently in stable condition, the Ministry of Health said.

South Korea’s epidemic prevention department reported on June 21 that a suspected case of monkeypox was found in South Korea that day and entered South Korea from Incheon International Airport. The suspected case was sent to the hospital for isolation and treatment at about 21:40 that night.

On May 31, the Korean Agency for Disease Control decided to raise the warning level of monkeypox to “concern”, and designated monkeypox as a Class B notifiable infectious disease. and other measures.