Europe’s fastest supercomputer to be launched in Finland

The European Commission informed that the fastest supercomputer in Europe will be launched in Finland and will be available to a wide range of users from September.

The notification stated:

“The European High Performance Computing Consortium (EuroHPC) will launch its latest Lumi (Large Unified Modern Infrastructure) supercomputer in Kajaani, Finland. This is the fastest and most powerful supercomputer in Europe and the third fastest in the world, and will It will be open to a wide range of European users in September 2022.”

This is a joint project between EuroHPC and a consortium of 10 European countries: EU countries such as Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and three non-EU countries including Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

The European Commission noted that Lumi will facilitate scientific breakthroughs, such as medical and climate research, especially cancer diagnosis.

Lumi’s expected peak performance is 550 petaflops, or 550 petaflops per second.

Its computing power will power existing EuroHPC supercomputers such as Discoverer in Bulgaria, MeluXina in Luxembourg, Vega in Slovenia and Karolina in the Czech Republic. EuroHPC also has 3 supercomputers in development: Leonardo in Italy, Deucalion in Portugal and MareNostrum 5 in Spain.