Xiaomi: Xiaomi India employees threatened with violence by law enforcement agencies

Xiaomi says its top executives faced threats of “physical violence” when questioned by India’s financial crime fighting agency.

According to the report, Xiaomi’s May 4 document said officials from the Indian Enforcement Service warned the company’s former India general manager Manu Kumar Jain (Manu Kumar Jain), current chief financial officer Samir-B.S. Rao ( Sameer B.S. Rao) and their families face “dire consequences” if they don’t file a statement as required by the agency.

The Indian law enforcement agency denied that its investigators had “coerced” Xiaomi (India) employees, New Delhi TV said on July 7.

The anonymous source told the Global Times that the Indian law enforcement agency’s actions against Xiaomi (India) were neither isolated nor a whim of a surprise attack. According to him,the Ministry of Finance of India and its subordinate taxation, financial and other investigation agencies have already brought Chinese-funded enterprises such as Xiaomi (India) into the “observation line” and collected their “illegal evidence”.

India is an important overseas market for Xiaomi. Data from market research institutions such as IDC, Counterpoint, and Canalys show that from 2018 to 2021, Xiaomi’s smartphone market shares in India will be 28.9%, 28.6%, 26%, and 24%, respectively,basically solidifying its position as the number one cell phone brand in India. In addition to Xiaomi, other Chinese brands with top smartphone market share in India include Vivo, realme and OPPO. These four Chinese companies accounted for about 65% of the Indian cell phone market shipments last year.

A Chinese who has been engaged in business affairs in India for a long time told the Global Times reporter: “There are so many foreign businessmen rushing for gold in India, both Chinese and people from other countries, and India’s various tax laws are so complicated. (We) are likely to accidentally overstep the rules. “In the context of the downturn in Sino-Indian relations, any actions we do in India will be examined by the Indian government and law enforcement agencies with a magnifying glass.”