US First Lady Jill Biden makes surprise visit to Ukraine

Jill Biden Unannounced Itinerary Unannounced US First Lady Jill Biden visited Uzhgorod, Ukraine without advance notice, according to the US First Lady Press Corps.

“The motorcade traveled through Uzhgorod to School No. 6, which is now being used as a temporary shelter for 163 displaced Ukrainians, including 47 children,” the US First Lady’s Press Corps said in a press release.

Mrs. Biden also reportedly met with Elena Zelenskaya there, in what the press corps said was Elena Zelenskaya’s first public appearance since the Russian special operation began.

US media previously reported that Angelina Jolie, a special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), was visiting Lviv in the framework of her “personal” trip.