Bloomberg: Disagreement within the EU on a new round of sanctions against Russia

The permanent representatives of EU member states failed to reach an agreement on sanctions against Russia on May 8, including for Hungarian reasons, and discussions will continue in recent days, Bloomberg said, citing sources.

“The permanent representatives of the 27 EU countries failed to reach an agreement on the issue of sanctions against Russia during their meeting on May 8, and discussions are expected to continue in the near future,” the report said.

Hungary still rejects the EU proposal to ban imports of Russian oil, thus also blocking the adoption of the proposed sanctions package, sources said.

On May 4, European Commission Von der Leyen said the new sanctions package would include the removal of Sberbank of Russia and several other large Russian banks from the SWIFT system, a ban on three Russian TV channels from broadcasting in the EU, sanctions on the individuals involved and a phased ban on the import of Russian oil. Some countries oppose the sanctions because they would hurt their economies.