Some flights between Guangzhou and Japan were cancelled

Guangzhou airport related personnel were found to be infected with the new crown virus in late April, flights were cancelled one after another, and flights to Japan were also grounded. If the situation persists over a long period of time, it could lead to disruptions in the movement of people and supply chains in the business.

Data from the travel app “Flight Manager” shows that since May, Guangzhou Airport has taken off and landed about 20 to 30 planes every day, far lower than the 100 to 400 in April . There are a lot of grounded flights, centered on domestic routes. International routes with a limited number of flights and a chronic shortage of seats have also cancelled flights.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has decided to cancel its flight from Guangzhou to Narita Airport scheduled for May 6. JAL has explained that the reason is that “the airport administration has taken anti-epidemic measures and staff access to the passenger terminal has been restricted”. All Nippon Airways (ANA) also canceled flights to Narita Airport on May 4.

The disruption was caused by the discovery in late April that a number of personnel at Guangzhou Airport had been infected with the new coronavirus, and strict restrictions were imposed on terminal use to strengthen preventive measures. Some airlines were short of personnel for check-in, etc.

Not only passenger flights, but also cargo flights were strained for staff and some flights were cancelled. If this situation continues for a long time, the transportation of parts and trial products will be disrupted, which may have an impact on the production activities of companies.