Huawei released a new full-screen mobile phone – Mate Xs 2

The starting price is 9999 yuan, which is currently the cheapest Huawei folding screen phone except for the P50 Pocket.

It features an external folding screen design, 6.5″ when folded and 7.8″ when unfolded, for a refined and slim look.

It has a 4600 mAh battery (4880 mAh in the Collector’s Edition), a 120 Hz refresh rate screen, and runs the latest Honmus 2.0.1 system with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 4G processor.

External folded screen: the advantages are outstanding and the drawbacks are obvious

Aside from the “Royole mobile phone” that has been in a crisis of capital chain, Huawei is currently the only manufacturer in the world that produces “external folding screen” mobile phones.

After the launch of the Mate X2 and the P50 Pocket, Huawei has gone back to the drawing board and launched an external folding screen phone at the same time as its friends have launched their own internal folding screen phones. The first thing is that the external folding screen is the biggest solution.

First of all, the biggest problem that the external fold screen solves is the crease.

The principle here is the same as hand origami: the smaller the folded angle, the deeper the trace; the larger the angle, the shallower the trace.

So manufacturers who do internal folding screens are now studying teardrop-shaped hinges, in order to create large angles of folding.

However, no matter how large the “water drop” angle of the hinge is, how can it be too large to be designed to be folded directly outwards?

If you put it under the light to observe deliberately, you can indeed see the ups and downs of the bends.

But simply looking at it with the naked eye or touching it with your hand,this part of the area is very smooth and there are no creases.

On Huawei’s official website, a broken screen saver priced at 1699 yuan is provided for Mate Xs 2, which is valid for one year – it feels acceptable to grit your teeth, right?

But if the screen is not broken during the first year of use, the 1699 yuan is worthless. If the screen is damaged again, it will cost 3899 yuan for the first time and 5089 yuan each time after that.

Excellent software experience, slight hardware concerns

After using the Mate Xs 2 for seven days, I fumbled with the phone’s hardware and software features.

At the software level, the adaptation of the folding screen by HongMeng OS is indeed remarkable: the silky smooth small window, the three existing adaptation measures, and the adaptive UI engine to be installed soon all provide a guarantee for the daily use experience.

However, at the hardware level, even if the external folding screen is very good, once it is accidentally damaged, the high maintenance cost is really discouraging.

Just considering the reliability of long-term use, the Mate Xs 2 with an external folding screen may not be as reassuring as the previous Mate X2.

At this point, I think Huawei still needs some time to prove itself.