Putin: Global food market deteriorates

International Business News – Russian President Vladimir Putin said the situation in global food markets had recently worsened due to the wrongful imposition of sanctions by the West.

Putin said: “As you know, the situation in the global food market has deteriorated significantly over the past two years, the last two years.

Mistakes in economic, energy and food policy in developed countries led to a surge in global food prices two years ago, and the situation has only worsened in recent weeks. ”

Putin pointed out that the new sanctions were imposed against the background of the minimum world food reserves. Among them, he mentioned the blockade of the operation of enterprises and the logistics of fertilizer supply in Russia and Belarus. In this regard, he pointed out that due to high natural gas prices, the West’s own fertilizer production is declining. The Russian president said high gas prices were the fault of the West itself.

Putin said that the grain and oil produced by local Russian enterprises can fully meet the needs of the Russian market, and there are still surplus.

Putin said, “In the past seven years, Russia’s agricultural production has increased by 15%, and food has increased by more than 25%. For some major food products, our self-produced food can fully meet the domestic market. For example, some foods such as sunflower oil, Russia not only meets its own needs. , and the remainder can also be exported.”

In 2020, Russia will become an exporter of agricultural products, and the export volume of food is much higher than the import volume.

“Today we export food to nearly 160 countries around the world,” he added.