Huawei and Bardasht collaborate to aid Afghanistan’s children and women

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by Mariam Raheem

Huawei Pakistan joined forces with Bardasht to collect and donate food items for women and children of Afghanistan on Wednesday. 120 bags of food items will be handed over to Afghanistan children and women.

Bardasht is a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving social welfare registered in 1961. President of Bardasht, Neelum Toru, highlighted, “Bardasht has already been working with Huawei Pakistan for social contribution for a long time and we always appreciate their support in the aid of the poor children and women of Afghanistan.”

Bureau Chief of People’s Daily Pakistan, Mr. Cheng, who was present, also commended Huawei’s efforts in supporting the people of Afghanistan. He remarked that as a food supply shortage is imminent in Afghanistan, it is pertinent for the international community to stand with the people of Afghanistan.

Huawei Pakistan has been striving towards reducing poverty and the digital divide ever since its arrival in Pakistan. It has been engaged in various social welfare programs in Pakistan.

This article originally appeared on Gwadar Pro.