Soy sauce factory opens as Kraft Heinz Master Chinese taste buds

Kraft Heinz, one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, opened its new factory on Friday in Yangjiang, Guangdong province, further expanding its business in China.

Based on confidence in the business environment and further growth of soy sauce consumption in the Chinese market, Kraft Heinz started the construction of the Yangjiang soy sauce production base in 2017, which covers 150,000 square meters.

At an investment 700 million yuan ($100 million) in total, it is one of the company’s largest projects in recent years.

According to the company, the Kraft Heinz China Yangjiang Soy Sauce Production Base will focus on producing a soy sauce product series called Weijixian under its Master brand. This will expand to more sauces and condiments in the future. The products will be sold in Southern and Central China regions.

The company said that high automation is the key characteristic of the Yangjiang factory. Based on Kraft Heinz’s global resources and management experience, the factory is equipped with a series of highly automated production lines, including a central production control system and automated filling machine.

These systems allow complete automatic control from raw material management, soy sauce brewing production to finished product testing. This realizes the stable, efficient and safe production of every bottle of soy sauce.

The factory is also making efforts to conserve energy, protect the environment and reduce emissions through Kraft Heinz’s global environmental management system. A series of measures have been taken to operate the environmental management system and facilities, and strengthen the monitoring of environmental factors.

Kraft Heinz’s Master is an iconic brand of Weijixian soy sauce. In 1983, the company started producing the soy sauce. Since its establishment, Master has been committed to providing Weijixian taste for customers.

With its high quality, Weijixian soy sauce is popular among customers and widely used in the steamed, stir-fried and cold dishes of Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong province.

A market research report of Guangdong and Fujian province in May this year released by Nielsen, a global marketing data collection and analytics services provider, showed that the market share of Master takes the lead  among all ambrosia soy sauce products there.

According to Kraft Heinz, the soy sauce industry is estimated to be worth $12 billion and increases 8 percent every year. As consumer demand for quality products has increased in recent years, Kraft Heinz sees great potential in the Chinese market.

Rodrigo Wickbold, president of Kraft Heinz Asia and China, said:

China is an important strategic market of Kraft Heinz.We are confident of China’s future market potential.
From creating iconic brands to investing in state-of-the-art facilities, I believe Master is on the right path to become a leading brand in the Chinese sauce market.